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A un Fea Engineer le preguntaron...22 de septiembre de 2017

When modeling rubber like material in explicit FEA, you can't set Poisson's ratio as 0.5. Why? What would happen in the solver if you do that? I noted that it leads to an infinity in the stiffness matrix but he wanted more details.

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Velocity @n+1/2 and disp @n+1 after calculating accelerations at nth time

How does explicit FEA solve governing equations? and what does this solve for? Told him that it solves for accelerations and then computes damping and displacement in next timesteps.... Menos

Foxlink Group

How to improve the permanent displacement of the connector

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lower the length of the pin and change to a harder material

Johnson Controls

I was asked to perform Impact force computation and related justifications.

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It was a written exam, followed by actual tool-test. One need to be little prepared to answer these questions. Menos


Do you know vibration?

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Yes, I took the course in my undergraduate education. But most of my experience is in aerospace static stress analysis. I'm assuming you would have a good documentation there for new starters in automotive. (they literally didn't have anything to study & etc.) Menos


Write down some FE equations?

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I remember from my engineering and answered

AKKA Technologies

What properties determine the natural frequency of a simple system (a mass point on a spring), and which way?

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Stiffness, which is related to the material and shape of the spring. The greater the stiffness, the higher the frequencies. Mass. The greater the mass, the lower the frequencies. Omega = sqrt(k/m). Menos

MAHLE International

What is Reynolds number and range of Reynolds number

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Reynolds number is inertia force to viscous force. Range is for laminar less 2000, for transition 2000 to 4000 and for turbulent more than 4000 for pipe flow Menos


What type of analysis have you done so far?

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Explained types with example s

Red Bull

Explain in depth the properties of composites?

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All on SOM

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Not satisfied from my answer as I was not fully prepared.

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