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Q Management
A un Fashion Model le preguntaron...18 de febrero de 2018

Career goals

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I told them the clients I wanted to work with, and my day rate.

Heyman Talent Agency

What is your experience in modeling?

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I explained my previous training and provided a portfolio to validate that training. Menos

Ford Models

Why do you want to work with us

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Because I need a job

Floridz Reelz

Had casual conversations, some of them too personal which I didn't like. They always focus that how frank and open I am in my attitude, which is irritating

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I guess I managed to convince them that i am quite confident and not a shy types girl thats why they selected me Menos

Click Model Management

what is your availability

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AGV Sport Group

can you be a good model?

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yes i am


have you ever laughed while on the runway?

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no - composure is 100%

Why do I want to join the agency?

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My life dream to be part of a dynamic agency


Why do you want to be a model?

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Currently model


Where have I traveled for work.

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I have traveled extensively enjoying every aspect of fashion for 20 years. I've seen Paris, live In NYC for 5 years . Tokyo , etc. Worked for famous designers and am incredibly grateful for it. Menos

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