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A un Fashion Designer le preguntaron...13 de junio de 2012

Is intarsia possible in combination with other structures?

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did you want to become a fashion designer when you were young?

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yes i wanted to become a fashion designer

hi i am esraa I love fashion very much I want to be fashion designer I want to show you my ideas it's aI know I am small but I want to be fashion designermazing can change the world of fashion forever thank for listen me bye Menos

Saatchi & Saatchi Group

hello what is your name

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my name is


Melissa Tuazon


Q: What is your current role & your biggest achievement / learning & biggest failure / learning?

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I am senior fashion designer with eight years experience , working as a category head for the Menswear ( shirts & bottoms). I have contributed in the organisation in getting good orders for the company, worked with various national & international brands like Zara , H& M, Gap, old navy, etc...I contributed myself in designing. Menos

Be truthful & very open in your approach & answers. Try to be precise in sharing your success & failures with detailed examples / situation. Menos

Wear It To Heart

Are you married or do you have a boyfriend?

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Single I'm focused finding success in my career

They needed to have me work a three year break in period to teach the the new owners. This is a typical way to sell a company in the Beauty Industry.

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Absolutely yes.


Tell me something about yourself?

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I just said 2-3 lines about my educational and family background and talked more about my work. Menos

Malibu Design Group

The case is '' try the outfit now ''

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Please comment us


What can you offer this company?

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I can offer over 8 years of design experience including skills developed in soldering, model making and benchwork. The ability to do sketches and offer a designer's eye for detail and aesthetics. I have also managed a team of designers and jewelry assemblers, along with an in-house production team. Menos

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