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A un Fashion Buyer le preguntaron...12 de abril de 2021

Porque você acha que se identifica com a vaga?

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Respondi de acordo com minhas características e objetivos


Did you visit the H&M store recently? Among these products which one do you think it's the best selling item?

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Yes / I chose one among them and gave a reason.


Basic interviews questions about my self and past roles.

Dunnes Stores

What is one improvement you would make to the current range?

Mr Price

Why do you want to be part of the MRP Group


What is your experience and advantages?

Peek & Cloppenburg

Vor welchen Herausforderungen steht der Textileinzelhandel?

Urban Outfitters

Why did you pick URBN


What do you prefer wearing? Womenswear, menswear own buy or branded? What skills do you think that a fashion buyer needs? Why are you the candidate we are looking for ?


Why did I want to be a fashion buyer

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