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Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken
A un Facility Manager le preguntaron...9 de marzo de 2020

Was machen Sie aktuell?

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Ich betreue Gebäude, und zwar strategisch und infrastrukturell.

WellMed Medical Management

How would you implement key control?

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Audit and record all issued keys. Create a database for access control and levels of access. Menos

River to River Residential Communities

what was your job duties, do you have experience with elderly, have you worked in assisted living

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I answered based on my experiances


Do you think you can handle the job?

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If I'm paid fairly.

ABC Imaging

Can you work at multiple offices throughout the week?

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State of Missouri

Several questions focused on leadership and the interviewee's perceived role with the team they will be supervising.

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At some point these questions are looking for the interviewee to recognize they could be the potential issue when their team is struggling. Menos

JLL Partners

Generic questions related to previous companies worked

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Based on information provided in CV

Wesleyan University

Where have I worked before?

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Each interviewer had my complete resume in front of them but clearly had not read it. Menos

Bureau Veritas

Are you comfortable with traveling up to 50% of the time, meeting with a lot of different people, and using technology to its fullest potential?

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Yes, I like to travel, enjoy meeting new people, and am happy to see the way technology is being used to make the job more efficient. Menos


How long do you think this position shoud last?

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Between 3 or 5 years, but that depends on the performance, expectations and of course needs. Menos

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