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Wesleyan University
A un Facility Manager and Theatrical Technical Director le preguntaron...4 de febrero de 2016

Where have I worked before?

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Each interviewer had my complete resume in front of them but clearly had not read it. Menos

Bureau Veritas

Are you comfortable with traveling up to 50% of the time, meeting with a lot of different people, and using technology to its fullest potential?

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Yes, I like to travel, enjoy meeting new people, and am happy to see the way technology is being used to make the job more efficient. Menos


Standard application questions.

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Willingness to move out of state

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Saint Vincent College

Are you Catholic?

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I was, but I am no longer.

Elder Care Alliance

How would I deal with or resolve issues with caregivers (CNA's) who didn't want to let the activities be done? This was a tricky question as the CNA's are under the RN, not under the activity director.

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Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. If a CNA is preventing an activity from occurring, it has to be reported to the R.N. In most facilities that take medicare/medicaid, activities programs are required by the state. So this would be considered insubordination and should be grounds for dismissal. In a work environment that has different departments, it is extremely important to understand it is much more beneficial to work with each other than against each other. Menos

Pioneer Human Services

"What is your experience with evidence based practices?"

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Kinda tricky because this was asked for job types not involved in this kinda work. Menos

Vanguard Resources

What is the most difficult item you've had to address.

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I discussed the several item that covered different topics.


how you take decision....slap the decision or analyses the situations

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analysis is at the first priority but if the situation is do or die then slapping the decision may be proffered Menos

Hackensack University Medical Center

What would you do to improve the department?

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I would start to look at what was working really well and what was not and attempt to fix the things that were not working well while putting the customer's needs first. Menos

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