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A un Unit Secretary le preguntaron...28 de noviembre de 2022

The interviewer do most of the talking. Tell me something about yourself, what project has you work with excel, how did you overcome something. 7-10 question at most and very easy.

Al Tamimi & Company
A un Secretary le preguntaron...23 de noviembre de 2022

Why Tamimi? Questions about my education and background. Questions about my work experience. Why should they hire me? What are my weaknesses? Technical and situational questions about the role

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Why I was looking for a new job

A un Secretary le preguntaron...18 de noviembre de 2022

What was my background and experience.

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I have worked in many different areas both public and private as a secretary completing many different administrative duties. Menos

UMass Memorial Health

normal interview questions for anyone

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normal interview answers

Mohawk Valley Health System
A un Secretary le preguntaron...7 de noviembre de 2022

How would you handle difficult clients/patients?

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Try to get down to their level, understanding

Arthur Cox

Tell us why you would like to work with us and how are you matched to the job

Cook Children's Health Care System

What do I feel the duties are as an Unit Secretary?

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Stellar customer service. Positive attitude. Appearance must be clean, neat and presentable because I am the first face seen and represent the unit. Team work and Communication is key. Menos

Maurice Blackburn

What is your greatest weakness?

University of Southern California

Q: Describe a time where you had to solve a problem.

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