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Metropolitan Transportation Authority
A un Executive Secretary le preguntaron...11 de marzo de 2016

Can you type 55 WPM

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I completed a typing test as fast as I could.

Yes, I can type 55 wpm.

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Podar Enterprise

Are you okay to work with a 20 year old, 50 year old, and a 80 year old person?

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Be positive always

Yes I want

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years of experience to related field

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5 years



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Kohler Co.

"Do you know SAP?" "The current employee in this position seems to have a lot of free time - what would you do to occupy your downtime?"

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I would discuss other job functions I could take on.

Assist others to learn more about the company and a new skill set.

Could you please list the questions they asked in the first phone interview?? Thank you so much! Menos

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Fidelity Investments

This question came from one of the hiring managers. How would I break into the "admin network".

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This is my favorite ice breaker what seems like forever, I just bring one heck of a candy dish to the office. The word gets around and many people come to introduce themselves as well as offer their assistance to ensure that I get quickly onboard. Menos

Each domain is set up on a different subnet,and for the most part.

If you hire me as your admin you Will be impressed with my attention to detail to detail,work ethics and values and also my commitment to the role. Menos

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State Farm

Questions are behavioral questions that deal with teamwork, prioritization, initiative, customer service skills, dependability, reliability.

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Do you start date Aug 17th too

Yes, I do

Give detailed, specific examples. Questions are based on their competencies which are listed on the job description. Emphasize how much you want to work for the company. Menos

Actuary & Medical Recruiting

What is your reason for applying?

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Opportunity to grow

I applied because I wanted to speak with a recruiter who sounds like he/she has a third grade education. Furthermore, I love being patronized by someone with less education and communication skills than myself. Please, tell me more about enrolling in the test-taking program that doesn't involve a job. Menos

Hours are flexible and the environment is decent paced and great people to work around. Menos

General Motors (GM)

as a President Director's secretary you will get a lot of task or request from his direct report or intern office so how do you manage it?

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My first priority is my boss so i will focus on him first than if there any task from the other, i will do FIFO(first in first out) but still notice about the urgency. Menos

I will do to manage daily routine first, as a routine they might not spend a lot of time, than do the others as the urgent first. Menos

Try My best to present The Direct and Urgent Report as priority and will continue the other task then. Menos


What is RTT?

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Referral to Treatment and explained the process.

RTT clock starts when the health care professional receives the referral from the GP or if an E booking takes place Menos

Referral To Treatment. It's the length of time that a patient waited from GP referral to start of definitive treatment. Menos

Mount Sinai Health System

Why do you want to work here?

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TOXICOLOGY – Your toxicology must be completed prior to your Physical Exam. HISTORY & PHYSICAL (fasting is not required). SKIN TEST FOR TUBERCULOSIS (chest x-ray if indicated) Employee Health will accept documentation of a negative PPD test (Must submit during physical exam). Two- step PPD skin test is required. a. within the past three months b. within the past twelve months Quantiferon gold – only if clinically indicated (see below) If you have a history of a positive PPD or BCG, you will need to have quantiferon gold testing and if clinically indicated, a chest xray (PA/Lateral). MANDATORY VACCINATIONS a. Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis) – You must show documentation of TDap within the past 10 years. b. Flu – If hired outside of the flu season, must show documentation of receipt from prior season. IMMUNIZATION STATUS Employee Health will accept immunization records or titer for the following a. Measles, Mumps and Rubella – Two MMR vaccines OR Measles, Mumps and Rubella titers b. Varicella – Two Varicella vaccines OR a Varicella titer c. Hepatitis B screening (if contact with patients) Menos

Since I had no previous hospital experience, I stated that I am looking for a place to call home and grow in a new field. Menos

What kind of medical clearance did you go through

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