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A un EVS Manager le preguntaron...22 de mayo de 2014

As a manager, how do you know your employees are doing what they are supposed to?

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The senior managers in the region I worked for are old, so they are old school. They want you to micro manage and follow up, and follow up. Walk the facilities constantly and write people up. Menos

Crothall Healthcare

None, as I was already an employee when they started.

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They displayed disregard and disrespect for existing employees, but I didn't feel too bad as they showed similar lack of respect for incoming employees. Upper management is unskilled at their jobs. Could not understand how they achieved their position unless they were peter principal success stories. "People are promoted to the level of their incompetence." Menos

Crothall Healthcare

Describe the worst time I had to perform a disciplinary action and what were the results.

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I spoke of a time I had to fire an employee

Memorial Healthcare System - South Florida

Explain a situation where you have to deal with a low performance employee?

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Real exemple


If I had any problems holding employees accountable?

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I don't have any issues holding employees accountable for positive or negative behaviors or actions. I promote positive reinforcement and like to coach unwanted behaviors, I don't terminate employees, they decide that themselves and I explain this through teachable expectations, leading by example and meeting with individuals to approach negative issues, always with another manager present. Menos

University Hospitals

Give me a time when you had a negative client with a bad impression of the hospital? What did you do to change their perception?

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A family had a very sick child that kept their attention for three days. After a long day waiting for diagnosis from doctors, they wanted to get something to eat. It was 10 minutes after the cafe closed. They did not want to leave the premises in fear of missing the doctors. So I had one of the chefs whip up some sandwiches and drinks. They were surprised and appreciative of the gesture. The husband wrote a nice letter to the ombudsman and I received 20, 000 employee recognition points for doing what thought was right. What a company. Menos

Crothall Healthcare

Where do you want to go in this company?

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I want to eventually become a Director.

Anonymous Content

Where I see myself in 5 years

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I see myself in this company

Crothall Healthcare

I think the question I was being asked was "How would you manage workers who are making minimum wage?"- Instead of that question being asked, I was asked "How would you manage these people? They don't care about work with they really don't want to be here, they are just looking for that next hand out",

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I am not exactly sure how I answered the question, all I know is that there is no way that I could work for that person nor would I want that person working for a company that I was invested in and if this is the "leadership" that you have running your company, you are going to lose your contracts to your competitors. Menos

BJC HealthCare

My understanding of the culture of the organization on the South campus.

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I answered that I knew what I had seen and experienced since I'd been here that the pace is much quicker and the environment more intense there. Menos

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