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A un ETL Solutions Developer le preguntaron...29 de mayo de 2015

Writing a query to find the average and the first three ranks only should come In the output

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select avg(salary) from (select name, salary,rank() over(order by salary desc) as rank from emp_tbl) where rank <= 3; Menos

Could you please provide some more questions from your interview?

Select empid,avg(salary) from (sel empid, salary, row-number() over(order by salary desc) as rank from emp) A Where A. Rank <=3 Group by empid; Menos


How have you worked with Delta processing?

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Hash Keys... etc

I think it's mostly related to Dimension table processing. SCD type 1,2. Similar to CHANGE DATA CAPTURE (CDC) Menos

Why should i hire you?

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I am looking for a good platform to improve my technical, intellectual and leadership skills where your organization is well known for it. If given an opportunity, I will work sincerely and will put all my efforts for the growth of the company. Menos

fu$k off

Habitat for Humanity

What makes a good ETL design?

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Good reject processing and logging; easy to maintain.


It tool almost one week to complete the interview process and it was good experience. The salary negotiation was excellent. They give deserving salary to fresher.

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All the questions were scenario based.. and good use of common sense is required. Menos

Gunther Douglas

Describe my experience with ETL and Accounting Procedures.

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I mentioned some accounting systems that I designed, coded and implemented. Also I spoke at length about a project where I wrote and administered a large ETL project that I headed. We added clients and modified our process to accommodate client and supplier requirements. And we moved a lot of data each night. Menos

Legends Incorporated

About yourself your dreams and goals.

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Inbox Business Technologies

About database and sql

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I give him answer relevant to topic


If you have a list of data that includes negative and positive values (I.E. -10, -1, 10, -20, 20), how do I switch the signs of the those values?

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Multiply the values by negative one.


This was over two years ago, so it's hard to remember a lot of details beyond my impression above (see "Describe the Interview Process") that they were not screening adequately, or at the very least, giving me softball questions.

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I answered the technical questions correctly (they were easy!), and I hope, with clarity. Menos

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