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A un SEO Analyst le preguntaron...16 de enero de 2018

I have attended only the first round

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I liked the job

I have ask to some qst


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1. Why do you want to work in Edgytal, didn't you get a job in some nice company?

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I had no answer.

Horrible company to work in. Make you sign an unnecessary bond. You should only join if you don't want to excel in the field of digital marketing. Menos

You made the right decision. When the ceo of the company is so dumb that she puts her salary on Glassdoor imagine how they run thr organization. I came for the interview and saw that if the ceo us getting paid so less, how will they pay me as i already make more than their CEO! Menos

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Nestsoft Technologies

Do you think you're ready for this? If not, please leave.

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I am ready sir

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Would you hire an experienced employee with bad habits or an employee with no experience?

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I can train a job to a person willing to learn and work hard. Getting a lazy person to work is an uphill, losing battle. FYI. Menos

I guess you're right if you define lazy as someone who travelled from the other side of the country to attend the interview and spent a considerable amount of time on the presentation only to be told that I don't have "luxury" experience. Menos

Experienced Employee to iron out bad habits.

They asked about my experience.

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Sorry to hear about your experience. I have been an employee with Beyond Indigo for almost 5 years. Being that the company is entirely virtual. They do not have in person interviews. Because, all of the management is across the country. All interviews are conducted over video conference. Hope you ended up in the best fit for you! Menos

Actually that's not true at all. They do interview you in person. I was interviewed in person by my manager when I was hired. They have a tendency to try to hire folks where there are others based as well and because of some really bad hires, they now conduct in person interviews. Menos

As a hiring manager, I can confirm that the vast majority of interviews are conducted by video conference. The company is 100% virtual and employees are all based from their homes. On rare occasions, if there is a hiring manager in close proximity, an in-person interview may be conducted. Menos

Zuan Technologies

What did you study?

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MBA HR Finance


Bca graduated

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Zinavo Technologies
A un SEO le preguntaron...8 de julio de 2012

What is digital Marketing

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What is digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is online advertising to promote products and services.
A un SEO le preguntaron...8 de agosto de 2012

This is a boring job, will you join?

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Yes sir, Sure. I will love to.

Manush Digitech
A un SEO le preguntaron...27 de junio de 2018

What do you know about blogging?

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I showed them one of the blog I was working on. They were quite impressed.

Basically in blogging we promote and do awareness about our service or particular niche to enrich our audience to generate traffic through indirectly via blogs Menos


Não houve pergunta a;guma. A primeira etapa do processo seletivo foi apenas um Quiz de internet totalmente incapaz de avaliar os conhecimentos de qualquer candidato na área.

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Cara, acho que fizemos o mesmo processo então. Pq também fiz esse teste da MOZ, acertei 85% sem colar e ainda assim não fui selecionado. E olha, as respostas do teste da MOZ estão na internet, poderia ter acertado 100%, quem sabe assim iriam me classificar, mas fui honesto. Perguntas que dão margem a interpretações, ainda mais se tratando de SEO. Com certeza uma das piores experiências que tive na minha vida. Menos

Muitas das perguntas no quiz do site Moz são ambíguas e têm espaço para discussão, mas em todas as perguntas há apenas uma alternativa correta. O que, obviamente, leva o candidato a errar algumas. Acertei 75% das perguntas e mesmo assim fui removido do processo seletivo. Esse é literalmente o PIOR jeito de se avaliar um candidato a uma vaga de SEO. Menos

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