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Philip Morris International
A un IT Business Engagement Manager - Digital, Social & Analytics le preguntaron...15 de marzo de 2016

Salary expected Previous experiences

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I am interrested by the job. Waiting for next steps

EQM, Incorporated

Where do you see yourself in 5 year?

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I wish i had said "not here thankfully"


She asked me why my background was so diverse and didn't seem to understand my resume.

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I explained my resume was a summary of 20 years experience in both IT and Digital Marketing, and I was pursuing a roll that can utilize my diverse skillset. Menos


They asked me broadly if I had experience in diverse areas such as cloud computing to data analytics to design thinking. And to share my experiences if I were involved in these areas.

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Unfortunately I do not have 2 out of the 4 areas. Was only able to share my experience in Agile and Design Thinking. I think it is helpful that the interview panel did assure that they're not looking for a unicorn person (that ticks all the boxes). Menos


Almost everyone asked me - 'Why Hasbro', 'What's your favourite Hasbro brand?' They asked me a lot about my experience in relation to the role. They also asked me about other things I did outside work

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I explained why I loved Hasbro and that my favourite brand was Mr and Mrs Potato. I also talked a lot about my experience and what I did outside work Menos


Tell me about your experiences leading a team

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Covered my 30 years of experience


Quelles sont les plus grosses charges financières d'une entreprise ?

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Avant tout, la masse salariale. Puis les locaux, les fournitures (IT, autres), les charges récurrentes (eau, électricité...). Menos


Pourquoi avez-vous choisi ENGIE ?


Des questions sur mon parcours pro (réalisation, objectifs etc), sur mes aspirations à moyen/long terme mais aussi sur mes centres d’intérêts.

Garrett Advancing Motion

To tell about my previous experience.

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