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A un Client Success Manager, Managed Security Solutions Strategic Accounts le preguntaron...26 de septiembre de 2023

How did you handle a situation where you had a customer who was unhappy and possibly looking to move on from the product? how do you work with teams? During my interview I went over a story that was a year long challenge for me that ended in a large customer renewal. One gentleman said "I had questions, but you answered them all." So it was just great engagement and discussion. Professional. Something that I really enjoy.

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I answered the questions during the conversation.

Street Group

Would having a little one at home mean that I’d be looking for something more remote?


Why should we not hire you?

SouthWest Water Company

1 Ask some general question and personal experience, 2 why do you want to work here, 3 how do you see yourself in next 10 years. 4 your work style and strength

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