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A un Functional QA Tester le preguntaron...29 de enero de 2023

I was asked about my Gaming experience and language experience


What is your biggest strenght

Raro Labs

Perguntaram sob a área de QA e deu a entender que estão conhecendo outras áreas de QA para implantar no processo deles


Linux commands, and some questions about test theory


In the technical interview, all the questions did not deviate from what I wrote in the CV, and the interviewer aimed to know what I know and not to destroy me. The questions are very easy because he did not ask me about something I do not know


About tomcat memory pooling and cache.

Totalmobile (United Kingdom)

Time you worked in a team

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Talked about team projects at uni

Totalmobile (United Kingdom)

Have you made any mistakes at your current/previous job?

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Just talked about in software testing that some defects can get through etc and how I learned from it Menos

1. Top 3 test case for a red ballpen. 2. What is the difference between Functional Testing and End to End Testing? 3. What is exploratory testing? 4. What is regression testing?


What are the different types of testing

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