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A un Senior Software Development Manager le preguntaron...24 de mayo de 2022

behavioral questions about management and leadership


For the CV / Topgrading: They pulled up my resume and started from oldest experience to newest... and pretty much followed the classic format (e.g. What was your main role/responsibility? What would you rate yourself? Who did you work closely with, what would they rate you?)


How does our mission relate to your career trajectory and personal values?


Behavioral interview: "Describe a time when you..."

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I don't remember all of the behavioral questions but there are hundreds of possibilities anyways; my advice for interviewees would be to keep a clear head prior to the interview, really focus on what challenges you've overcome in your career in the past, and don't be afraid to take 20 seconds to really think about it before answering. Silence is better than stumbling along. Menos

Burger King

Job history and education details

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one face to face with DM, simple easy. Questions about education and job history No response for week but eventually all worked out well. Delayed response but got the offer. Menos

Red Mountain Events

Are you willing to talk to people in a store? How many people are in an average family? Do you want to be in charge of your own income and your own hours (spoiler: you are not and you work 60+ hours a week 7 days a week)


What made you choose to apply for this kind of job ?

It was a long interview case study.

Disney Streaming Services

How many people have you managed in your project team? How do you interact with product managers? Have you made a roadmap?

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