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Huawei Technologies
A un Software Engineer With 2+ Years of Experience le preguntaron...26 de noviembre de 2011

Programs like remove the duplicate numbers in sorted array by scanning the array only once, means {1,1,2,3,6,8,8,8,8}-->{1,2,3,6,8}, producer and consumer problem, and finding the sum of diagonal elemts in array of any size, etc

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take the elements in array , then look for match up among rest elements, if found then shift 1 position up the rest elements and so on. Menos

for removing the duplicate elements we need to maintain one uniq index.


Actually we do not have opening on the 2nd level. But maybe you would like to join our NOC team?

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To (pseudo)managers: Show at least some basic respect to candidates as nobody wants to come there just to see you. Really, I expected a brand like DHL to be at least basically trustworthy. Are your shipping services as reliable as your HR agents and IT managers? Menos

The problem is that many managers prefer people to apply for position network engineer and after three months they promote people to senior network engineer. Sometimes is problem to find who is responsible for not answering, because some managers don't have time for interview so they send there their principals. Menos


swapping characters un a word of given strings

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What is the salary they offer

So You have joined or not ?

HashedIn by Deloitte

Write an API class to fetch data. Define the business scenario to resolve a PAYTM issue

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After how many days your hr round was conducted i have cleared 2 technical rounds but hr not done yet. Menos

1 week


Mostly combination of both technical and professional questions.

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I answered very confidently.

Post the questions

IT Lab

Customer Service has to be excellent.

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My experience and replies to several question on customer service comes to me naturally. Menos


I was asked to write the code for Merge sort.

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I frankly said i dont know that and told i can write the code for bubble sort and he did not tell anything after that. Menos


difference between Macro and typedef and their implementation

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One we use these in programs we will easily get it

Wavex Technology

Generic questions as you'd find in most places + technical questions

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