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Huawei Technologies
A un Software Engineer With 2+ Years of Experience le preguntaron...26 de noviembre de 2011

Programs like remove the duplicate numbers in sorted array by scanning the array only once, means {1,1,2,3,6,8,8,8,8}-->{1,2,3,6,8}, producer and consumer problem, and finding the sum of diagonal elemts in array of any size, etc

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take the elements in array , then look for match up among rest elements, if found then shift 1 position up the rest elements and so on. Menos

for removing the duplicate elements we need to maintain one uniq index.


swapping characters un a word of given strings

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What is the salary they offer

So You have joined or not ?


Mostly combination of both technical and professional questions.

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I answered very confidently.

Post the questions

HashedIn by Deloitte

Write an API class to fetch data. Define the business scenario to resolve a PAYTM issue

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After how many days your hr round was conducted i have cleared 2 technical rounds but hr not done yet. Menos

1 week


I was asked to write the code for Merge sort.

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I frankly said i dont know that and told i can write the code for bubble sort and he did not tell anything after that. Menos

Focus Softnet

1st -- about yourself,family details,expected sal, previous company details , income details, reason for quitting previous job, 2nd day-- previous project details, .net architecture, mvc,joins,predefined functions in sql.

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but was no response back, worst management


Design an API for employee information.

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Using the Http verbs - get, post, put, patch, delete


Round 1: Managerial round -> Questions from my previous projects. -> Questions related to my area of expertise (Javascript and Node). -> Questions relating SOLID principles and my previous projects. -> Node packages used in my projects. Round 2: Technical round 1 -> I was asked to explain about my previous project and team work. -> How we efficiently used version control to manage our project. -> A trade off I made in previous projects. -> How good we were during our teamwork. -> A hurdle I faced in my project and how I solved it. Round 3: Technical round 2 -> Almost similar to Tech round 1

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I shared my experience of my previous projects, it might differ from person to person. Menos


A Leet code medium question and a hard question ?

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I tried my best didn't wok

Cadence Design Systems

A knight chess piece is on an MxN board at some starting square. Given another square, create an algorithm to find the number of moves it would take for the knight to get to the square. Analyze time and space complexity of algorithm.

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Simple modified bfs to search path from start to target square. Model squares as graph nodes and edges are valid knight moves. Menos

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