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A un ITS Comptlety for A Business Analyst But They Gave Me Business Intelligence le preguntaron...21 de septiembre de 2016

self details thats it

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ofcousrse i did

Give an example of how you solved a problem that wasn't yours to solve.

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Fortunately, I had done a lot of this in my past 3 positions, so it was easy. The key is to not give the impression you are a bull in a China shop. The example I gave was, 2 days after being hired to one of my previous positions, my boss left for a 3 week-long business trip. It was a small company and many employees were located in other states, so I was mostly by myself. I started going through the file cabinet (now "my" file cabinet) and discovered the proposal and order taking "system" for the office was pretty close to writing a few notes on a napkin and then stuffing the napkin in the drawer after the order was filled. While my boss was gone, I analyzed the proposal and order taking process, talked to the (very small IT department) and did a quick review of software tools available, and then spent the rest of the 3 weeks converting the past few months worth of orders and proposals into a sort of pilot "system" for entering, sending, and tracking proposals and orders. When my boss returned, I asked if I could present an improbement opportunity to him. My boss was thoroughly impressed and approved going forward with implementing the database/tool and setting up remote access to the little system for the field sales team. [I pointed out that this sounds rather impressive, but it was only possible becuase of the small size of the company and the fact that the volume of orders and proposals was relatively small.] Menos


Basic knowledge about programmatic, SQL


Tell me about your past work experience?


They asked about my experience with three components of the job description.

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