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Black Rifle Coffee
A un AP/AR le preguntaron...14 de febrero de 2018

Why are you interested in working for Black Rifle Company? What drew you in?

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I love coffee. I’m Very interested in learning more about coffee and it’s process. It sounded like a fun adventurous place to work. Menos

I like the company and what they stand for. Looks like a good company to work and grow with. Menos

I have been a coffee ambassador since I started drinking you coffee. I feel I would be a great candidate for working there. Menos

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Superior Grocers
A un AP Manager le preguntaron...20 de septiembre de 2015

Most challenged I had at my previous employer

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Updating systems for Y2K

The most challenging thing I’ve had to endure in my previous employer would have to be the paper work it was very time consuming & I’m a bit of a ocd person I triple check everything no room for mistakes Menos

United Arab Emirates University
A un AP le preguntaron...26 de marzo de 2019

Under process

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Under process

How can I add the university acc in Skype?


How do you respond to change in the workplace?

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Change is the only grantee in life. I embrace it and try to make the most of my new situation. Menos

Remain positive and ask for clarification on specific changes that you don't understand or feel uncomfortable about. Menos

Maker Studios

What do you as a mother do for a full time job?

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The Children's Creative and Performing Arts Academy

I was asked about my teaching experience.

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College chemistry and biology courses, discussion sections, and laboratory sections. Menos

Pride in North Carolina
A un AP le preguntaron...15 de agosto de 2016

If I had a degree related to my work

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Yes in social work

Sacred Heart University

Read this passage and tell me what grade you would give to it. Difficult because I had forgotten to review the grading system.

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As best as I could. I read the passage in Spanish trying to give myself time to remember the scoring patter! Menos

Chesterfield Valley Nursery

What is something you dislike about your current employer?

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Lack of structure


How do you handle someone that everyone feels is hard to work with?

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I just try to be friendly to everyone, if you try to understand why the person is the way they are, it makes dealing with them that much easier. Menos

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