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Fresenius Medical Care - North America
A un Biomedical Equipment Technician le preguntaron...3 de octubre de 2017

how do you deal with pressure

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just assess the situation calmly & think about the outcome.

Pressure is in my nature

Take a deep breath, assess the situation, fix what i can and get help for situations that are getting out of control Menos

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Technical questions regarding blueprint and schematics, Electrical theory. Other questions were more or less to see where you stood philosophically in regards to maintenance and working with others.

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Just be honest with your knowledge and you should be ok. Study and refresh on electrical and mechanical diagrams and a little theory. Menos

How many days did it take for HR to tell the results ?

Utility Trailer

Is this something you see long term?

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Yes I wanna find a company with decent pay and retire



Where do you see yourself 5 years from now.

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I guess it's typical for the Clinical Engineering department to hire unqualified candidates since you were given an offer and even YOU didn't feel like you were qualified. I am more qualified than any candidate they have and probably most of their current employees, yet I was not offered the position because they felt I lived too far. Just goes to show the level of competency of the management. Menos

That's unfortunate. The benefits were outstanding, but you are correct, the competency of management leaves alot to be desired. Menos

Spacelabs Healthcare

What are your computer skills was asked, however it was strange that this was not on the Spacelabs site and the recruiter had no idea where this cam from. Suspect it was a switch and bait technique used for screening, however was quite dishonest as it was not a skill required in the job application or skills required.

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Gave the information of what skills with computers and IT information that I have assimilated over several years experience with clinical systems. Have kept IT systems going to save patient data in overnight situations until other IT persons can assist in the situation, while saving ICU critical data without compromise to the patient's monitoring records. Regrettably, this failed to impress the interviewer in a positive way. Menos

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So you enjoy what you do?

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I enjoy welding and fabricanting

Rush University Medical Center

To hold off on 2 other job offers

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I held off on the other job offers and evenly accepted theirs


How will you handle this/that situation professionally?

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Mostly teamwork and people skills.

ON Semiconductor

The test is STUPID !

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You will spend almost a full day for the interview process. Not a big deal deal. There are not a lot of detail questions, mostly common sense things like "what would you do if "...Spent 30 minutes with different levels of management and ended with a couple of technicians and one equipment engineer. I did not feel like I was standing in front of a firing squad. Great bunch of folks. The test they give you is confusing. It's all multiple choice. The problem I had was that the "obvious" choice was not an option ! I felt like they were "trick" questions. Sine the obvious answers were not a option, I left it blank. I was told I failed "the test". OK fair enough. I had to wait three months to re-take the test which I did. Another two and a half hours. I feel I did better but they won't give me the common courtesy of telling my my test results ! I have called and e-mailed the H.R. person for weeks ! No reply ! It would be nice to get any kind of response or reply. I spent a lot of time and effort to go through their process ! At least they could say "Thanks but no thanks" or anything at all ! I know two fellow technicians who recently started working for them. One has already departed and the second one is looking to get out ASAP. This company is not worth your time ! Menos

US Air Force

Do you currently do drugs?

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You just say no

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