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Coneco Engineers and Scientists
A un Environmental Scientist le preguntaron...28 de mayo de 2018

The very first question I was asked by the first manger I met was: "So you are still on your parents insurance?"

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He profiled my age which forced me to reveal my true age in response to the question. Menos

Must say - they should hire you as your observations are spot on. Less likely that they asked you that to figure out your age, more that they prefer to pay for health insurance so they are more likely to hire someone who can still be covered under their parents' coverage. Menos


they didn't have time for questions since they told me to come at the wrong time .

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well done Kleinfelder

Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. We strive to make sure each of our candidates has a positive experience. We are certainly going to look into this to make sure this type of situation doesn't happen again. Menos

Apex Companies, LLC

Are you comfortable as a female working in the construction industry?

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That's a rude question, but yes I am, considering I've been doing this for 7 years as written on my resume. Menos

Thank you for raising this issue. We are proud of our diverse workforce and are constantly striving to make Apex a place for all employees—regardless of gender, race or any other characteristic—feel welcome and included in all roles throughout the organization. We apologize for the nature of this question and are addressing your concern internally. Meanwhile, we would be glad to communicate with you further about your experience. If you're interested, please contact your recruiter who will then connect you with me. Menos

Weston Solutions

How sensitive are you to sexual harassment?

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!!!!!???? Red Flag!!!! Promptly withdrew application


How do you handle conflict?

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I m accepted all the challenges in my life and I completed all Follow through on plans. Menos

How do you deal with stress? (Or something along those lines)

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I said that I prefer working under conditions with fast timelines but that I have struggled with dealing with stress in the past. I emphasized that I am a quick-learner and not afraid to ask for help or ask questions. Menos

City of Bartow Florida

Are you able to talk to important clients?

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Yes. I am very at ease with talking to people and recognize the need to change how I interact depending on the person. Menos

City of Bartow Florida

How long was the trip to the office?

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1.5 hours. The job recruiter told me the position was in another office and apparently he was wrong. Menos

City of Bartow Florida

What are your salary requirements?

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52-57 thousand per year.

Resource International

Q: What was one thing that they asked you? Asked if I was approved by USFWS for three species to do a habitat survey (not part of the position description but they made it seem I was deficient if I did not have this approval)

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