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Spin Vfx
A un Environment Artist le preguntaron...2 de agosto de 2016

Whats your plan for your career?

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Im going to finish my education (Bachelor in Animation and VFX degree) So asoon i finish im planing to get a gob in Canada. Menos

I can join asap, I do have 4 years experience in production department in VFX / CG. Menos


Describe the process you went through to complete the work seen in one of your portfolio pieces.

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I went into detail from beginning to end about my process, from working with the concept team, to grey-boxing and working with design, to final polish and bug fixing. Menos


I was asked to create a simple scene composed of an old buidling in five days, using very small polygon limit.

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I had a test too, i think i did some interesting stuff and more than they asked, im still waiting for an interview by phone or a big yes ...! Menos

I created the whole scene as asked, and even did extra steps to stand out (such as using PBR materials and presenting my work in a game engine). Unfortunately, I was not chosen. Menos

They asked about my work and myself, very informal and friendly.

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Explained about my work and myself.

Terminal Reality

Are you still available?

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GREE International Entertainment

Only the producer had actually looked at my portfolio AT ALL--ridiculous--so it necessitated hand-holding them through the material. The facility TD also asked technical details on work that was more than 5 years old--not details for things like how something was created, but odd specifics like why are certain wireframes green and why are others purple. (this was grouping info for the game engine, but beyond that I couldn't remember what else it may have been used for

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annoying hand-holding through my entire portfoilio

Have you ever used Vue?

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I have, but not much.

Insomniac Games

What programs that I used to complete my work along with duration and my experienced with working on teams.

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Explained my experience in each program used and way a long with examples of group projects I have worked on in the past. Menos

Am I interested in environment art

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I was seeking another position, but they ignored this.


I was asked about my work history and what I could bring to the company in addition (+1) to my experiences.

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I've worked primarily in environments for over 20 years and also have experience with physics simulation as it relates to destruction in games and basic rigging experience for environments. I can add more than +1 since I've also managed outsourcing and large internal teams and still find time for production to keep up to date with current tools. Menos

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