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Penn Mutual
A un Entry Level Actuary le preguntaron...7 de octubre de 2015

Can you describe portfolio Immunization and its purpose?

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Portfolio Immunization is done to hedge the risk of changes in a portfolio's value against small changes in interest rates. Duration and convexity are use to calculate immunization and the basic requirements to immunize a portfolio are that Assets must equal Liabilities, the duration of Assets must equal that of Liabilities, and the convexity of Assets must be greater than that of Liabilities. Menos

The pressure of paying for their class. No real staffing agency will require you to pay nor sign up for any class that they teach.

UnitedHealth Group

What is your experience with Excel?


what are your future plans?

Actuary & Medical Recruiting

How familiar are you with C++?

Germania Insurance

Nothing outrageous, pretty basic questions. They did pull out an Excel workbook at one point to give an example of the type of work they do.

UnitedHealth Group

Describe a time when you faced an ethically challenging experience. What did you do?

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