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A un Engineering Project Manager le preguntaron...16 de febrero de 2010

What would you do if your coworker anounced two days before launch that they were not going to deliver and in fact had not been working on their deliverables as previously stated in prior meetings.

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Didn't envision myself getting into this situation but would mitigate if all else failed. Menos

I would first determine how far away the deliverables were from completion to see if the situation could be salvaged. Would additional resources help? Longer hours? If the situation was not salvageable, I'd do an impact assessment and estimate the time to correct, meet with my direct supervisor and plan to notify the shareholders as soon as possible Menos


How do you put in place testing for a product that might cause personal injury to the user?

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You said "after sending your resume initially, they called after couple of weeks.." couple of weeks means after how many weeks ? Menos

After I sent the resume in, I received a call from the hiring manager about 2-3 weeks later. After that phone interview I didn't hear anything from them for about 6-8 weeks. Menos

My answer was along the lines of knowing the requirements of the product and testing to those. That includes understanding any federal, medical, and industry regulations and guidelines that must be followed for a product. Identifying requirements from all sources is key and that includes safety and regulatory requirements. Menos


State your top 3 strengths and top 3 weaknesses, as fast as you can. Go!

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I feel this question is mainly to understand how much you know yourself. Do you come up with cookie cutter answers or are you responding by being true to yourself. Menos

Luckily, I studied this beforehand!

I'd honestly pause and ask what the goals of the question are. If they're asking this to see if I'm going to treat it like a project management question, a project manager shouldn't ever hurry the answer. If they're asking this because they think it's just a great question, I'm not entirely sure I'd want to work with a team they hired. Menos


The interview process primarily focused on my experience in my current role and how I saw it relating to the responsibilities of the open position.

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Did they give you a tour?WHat was the expectation from you?DID they convey you?

Was there any question On Automotive division or programming?


Hardest time in your life

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Explained a time where my personal life made my exams a lot harder.

Hi, what kind of questions were asked in the interview at the assessment centre?


Piping designs for sterile processing systems?

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Piping systems are sloped to prevent material from pooling in the lines and creating a place for bacteria to grow. If material is allowed to pool, CIP/SIP may not be effective. Menos



What is most important, budget, quality or schedule?

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Quality, you can't get that back, then schedule, it directly affects the customer and last budget because you can still work on product cost to try to make some of that back. Menos

Lexmark International

Past scrum experience and obstacles

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Outlined my process highlighting challenges, then asked them to explain a day in the life. Menos


They will hand you a marker and ask you to plan out the build of a chair on a whiteboard.

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create a WBS

American Water

Tell us about your previous experience.

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I told them about my previous experience.

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