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A un Hardware Engineering Program Manager le preguntaron...6 de noviembre de 2022

What would you do if you discover a defect in the product during production validation?

Descartes Underwriting

- Scenario based questions - Motivation: why descartes , what do you know about Descartes .. - explain the project I am working on ..


Scenario questions as if one encounters issues and how to overcome that


Can you tell me about yourself? Specific experience related to the position, etc.


What skills I have to help better their group and organization.


Note, this is for an EPM role on the SPG group. As such, there are no technical questions or coding involved in the on-site interview. The interviews were more of a casual conversation and less of an interrogation. After 6 hours, I had lost my voice but enjoyed speaking with all the interviewers and looked forward to the opportunity of working with them. - Review resume and experience. - How do you think about success and failure in a program? - How do we call to deprecate a program? - How do you build a roadmap? - How do you work with engineers to execute on that roadmap? Develop requirements? - Overall project design, status reporting. - Provide an example of a problem with no clear solution. - Provide an example of a project/program that had the most overlap. Discuss the profile lifecycle, from end to end. - Describe the program management process in one of your previous roles.


What is the future of smart home?


What is your favorite Apple Product and why? Would you rather be really good at one thing or would you rather be decently good at most things?


Focus was on past expereinces followed by some behavioral & situation based questions.

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