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A un Community Engagement Manager le preguntaron...5 de junio de 2018

What three words would you use to describe Apple products

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1. Stylish 2. Trust full 3. Beat can any other companies products

Intelligent, beneficial, and fast

worlds best brand company

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What indicators do you report on? How can you improve upon the product?

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Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:

Beside LP related questions, what should I prepare for Amazon interviews? and wondering anyone tried this before? It seems like quite helpful to get answers from Amazon employees... Menos

What do you mean by “indicators”? Is the product, your team, your Associates??

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When was a time you had to be vulnerable in a meeting?

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I had no idea how to answer this question because it did not seem to relate to the job at hand. Menos


1) Tell me about a time you handled a crisis. 2) Tell me about a time you had to deal with ambiguity. 3) Tell me what you know about AWS?

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Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

Re: "1) Tell me about a time you handled a crisis" Let me tell you about [situation] my experience on YouTube [task] and about the time when I started publishing my first series of videos. Despite [action] investing at times [metric] 200 hours into one video, and keeping a [bias for action] sustained uploading schedule, they would only get [metric] 50 to 100 views; this went on for about [metric] 3 months of trial and error - no one was watching them or subscribing, so I discontinued the series. Putting things into perspective, [result] this helped me [negative story with positive outcome] to learn the importance of storytelling and creating helpful content; and, despite doing these videos [frugality] all by myself, I went above and beyond to [customer obsession + flywheel] help my viewers to reach their goals. [results] Eventually, things started heading in the right direction, some of the videos even going [buzzword] viral, with [metric] thousands watching them every day, and [metric] hundreds subscribing each month. Also, [focus on the outcome] people have started to provide useful feedback which makes the production process more [positive outcome] enjoyable and helps me considerably improve with each upload. P.s. this is the transcript of a full example that I made on my YouTube channel in the video: How to Answer Any Behavioral Question During The Amazon Interview Menos

Goldman Sachs

he problem (1) is likely to involve eight balls, one of which is slightly heavier than the others. You have a two-armed scale, which you are allowed to use only twice.

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Your challenge: find the ball that's heavier

1. Separate balls into groups of 3+3+2 2. Weigh the 3 vs 3 (1st weighing) 3.Result of 1st weighing - If step 2 equal, then weight the remaining 2 balls against each other (2nd weighing), If one group of 3 heavier than the other, pick two balls from heavier group of 3 and weigh against each other Menos

Goldman Sachs

is to ask you to calculate the number of degrees between the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock (nondigital) that reads 3:15.

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(3) involves water instead of balls. You have two containers, one holds five gallons, the other holds three. Menos

minute hand is at the 15min, hour hand is a quarter of an hour past the 15 min ((360deg)/(12hr))*(.25hr) = 7.5 degrees apart. Menos


Mock presentation was the most challenging..

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It's great, travel is minimal as projects are regionallized and 90 % of the work is preformed off-site. This may vary depending on the type of customers you have but I would say it does get busy but rarely stressful which for me is a key point. Menos

Hi there, wondering if you could share how the work-life balance is as an EM, travel involved etc. Most consulting EM roles involve long hours but would like to hear how it is at Workday. Thanks in advance Menos

Cornerstone OnDemand

I've seen your resume, and you've made it this far in the process. I'm the last person standing in your way, if you don't impress me then the deal's off. How did you get to this phone call, you have 15 mins, GO...

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I literally blacked-out and recapped my career in 15 minutes much like Frank the Tank in the movie "Oldschool" during the political debate. I guess whatever I said worked because I work here now. Menos

Lucky you. I wish I get the chance too


Past references A pointless presentation which no one was interested in About multiple switches I made (had already explained to 2 other interviewers) About being able to work in pathetic work culture where he will abuse on the face and you are supposed to be OK with it.

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The overall process was good but had a terrible experience with the CEO who is an x-investment banker. He was rude and was very vocal about the pathetic culture are Nuclei. He said they openly insult people in the office (verified by glassdoor reviews). For some reason he still wanted people to stay 10 years in his company and was totally ignorant of the fact that a good culture makes people stay. After that he was overtly adamant (to the point of being annoying) to talking to my current managers and past managers and insisted me to provide multiple connections. Kept telling me he would never have shortlisted my CV and he is doing me a favour by talking to me. Felt Toxic, Would avoid this company Menos

The CEO seems to be inspired by Roadies audition and trusts he is no less than stupid Raghu. Very unprofessional. He will ask for your previous clients contacts to validate your previous sucess( you can imagine how unprofessional is this). I thought of yelling back to him but tried to maintain the professional difference between him and I. He tried all the way to feel that I am the looser and need to go and jump off from a bridge. Toatally waste of time. Avoid this interviewer or the comapny as far as possible. Menos


give me an example how you have handled a customer who as made a totally unacceptable request?

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needed to give an example of a customer who wanted to hire a team member against the stipulation of the contract. Menos

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