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A un Commercial Due Diligence Associate le preguntaron...11 de diciembre de 2010

You have one 4-min hourglass, and one 7-min hourglass. How can you time 9 minutes exactly?

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v, are your stupid. you cannot assume that you know exactly what half the sand is. Everything has to be accurate. Menos

Start both timers, when the four minute timer is done, there will be 3 minutes of sand left in the top of the seven minute timer. Restart the four minute timer, while letting the remaining (3 minutes) of sand to drop from the 7 minute timer. (this is your 1st 3 minutes of your nine minute measurement) When the 7 minute timer is done the 4 minute timer will now have 3 minutes of sand in the bottom. Flip the 4 minute timer (when this runs it will be your second 3 minutes of time). At the same time flip the 7 minute timer. When the 3 minutes of sand run on the 4 minute timer, restart the 7 minute timer by this time 3 minutes worth of sand will have gone to the bottom of the timer, resetting it will give you the last 3 minutes of sand for you last 3 minutes of time measuring the 9 nine minutes. Menos

let 4min hour glass =1st glass and 7 min hour glass =2nd glass step 1> start with both glass 4 min completes 1st glass is empty and 2nd glass having 3 mins left. Here we get (4min) step2> revert first glass and continue the the second glass which have 3 mins. so 1 min left in 1st glass and second glass is empty.Here we get (3min) step 3> This time revert the second glass and continue with 1min left in first glass.First glass is empty and second glass have 6 min left.Here we get (1min) step 4> Now revert the second glass which have now left 7-6=1.Here you get (1 min) step1+step2+step3+step4=4+3+1+1=9 mins cheeerss !!!!!!!!! Menos

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Jamie eats a whole pizza in 30 minutes. Jackie eats a whole pizza in 20 minutes. Jenny eats a whole pizza in 2 minutes. How long does it take them to eat one pizza together?

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x/30 + x/20 + x/2 = 1 2x/60 + 3x/60 + 30x/60 = 1 35x = 60 x = 1.71 minutes, or 1 minute, 43 seconds Menos

Why did we equate the first equation to 1?


Standard Chartered Bank

Fairly straight forward stuff. Asked about what I thought the role was about and some of my past experience. Only trickier question was why didn't I consider sales and what drew me to them over other banks.

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did they do the background check before giving you the offer letter?

All banks do the background check before giving you the offer letter.

Hospitales Star Médica


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Mejor estudiante en universidad

Centennial College

Do you think management should be allowed to ask vulnerable part-time profs what they think of senior management or the president?

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absolutely not - if you don't answer you could get in trouble and if you do answer you could get in trouble Menos


When did you have a disagreement with your team? How did you resolve it?

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Consensus. Look at method of resolving differences.


What is more important, being a team player or independently working on a task?

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Wat zijn je sterkste eigenschappen? Hoe zouden vrienden jou beschrijven? Hoe ga je om met xxx situatie? Waarom ben jij geschikt voor deze rol? Waarom Rabobank? Waarom Due Diligence? Wat houden de werkzaamheden naar jou idee in?

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Si tenía dificultad para trabajar en equipo

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Que no, porque enfermería no es la que se ocupa de todo sino el equipo entero junto con otros profesionales Menos


Background as it pertains to the new role. Looking for a good fit.

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Seemed to fit the bill per conversation feedback.

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