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A un Electrical Designer le preguntaron...10 de mayo de 2022

what is your salary expectation?

Goldman Copeland Associates PC

Previous experience at previous companies

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Mulvey & Banani

Work experience, Design / CAD Experience, Time Management, Behavioral Questions


Why Stantec, how have you heard about us ?

Henderson Engineers

Why Henderson? Why are you a good fit? Experience working on teams? Tell me about yourself? Why did you pick your major? Why the building industry?

HP Engineering

Please tell us about yourself.

Smith + Andersen

General Behavioral questions and some about electrical design

Smith + Andersen

Describe your experience dealing with issues on construction site.

Interface Engineering

Why this type of company? What do you see yourself doing in the future? What is your current understanding of the MEP field? How comfortable are you with Revit and AutoCAD?

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