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Ingenuity Studios
A un Visual Effects Artist le preguntaron...12 de abril de 2022

"What is your expected salary?"

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I declined to provide a salary expectation as I hadn't been told by the recruiter about any details about the planned remote work arrangement or benefits of the role. Menos

Company 3

All they asked was "What is your rate?"

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I replied I would need to know a LOT more about the expectations for the role and what benefits I would receive before I could answer the question. No further communication received from them after that, including no response to follow-up email. Lack of professional courtesy, poor communication, unprofessional all around. Menos


Not Applicable, did not proceed

Velan Studios

What experience do you have in realtime?

DreamWorks Animation

Explain the process of a shot on your demo reel.

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Went through what I did.

Coach Ross Angeles

He Showed me what I would Get In Place of College Credit and Asked If That was Okay?

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I said Yes That Works For Me


What do you know about Real flow and Maya Dynamics?


How are you different than all the other applicants?

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I guess I'm not...

Digital Extremes

Asked me various questions on particle based visual effects and shader/texture map work. For example, how would I create an explosion effect, various magic spell effects, etc.

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