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Budli Internet
A un ECommerce Operations Controller le preguntaron...17 de agosto de 2015

The first round was with the founder and senior manager. They asked me general questions about my current role, why do I want to join their startup, what is my salary expectation, etc.

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I answered the simple and straight forward way... After some 40mins of discussion they said they are still interviewing some other candidates this week and will get back to me by next week. I did not get any email/call from them so sent them emails to follow up or get a feedback at least but did not hear back anything. This is really bad when you are rejecting a candidate, you should at least provide feedback but these people don't provide any feedback even if you ask. They just ignore it. Menos


What is your career goal?

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To become an tought leader in my trade.

Naf Naf

Quelles sont les missions du poste que j’ai déjà faite Ce que je suis prête à apprendre Motif de départ de mon dernier poste

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J’ai expliqué comment j’avais eu une RC en accord avec mon dernier employeur


They asked what is the current company plan etc.

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Vaguely as I am not allowed to expose company strategy

Moët Hennessy

Q: Are you used to working with a parent company or team that is overseas?

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I answered "yes" due to prior work experience.


1: Asked about my experience 2: What was the challenge I met in my work

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Here is my opinion about the interview for the experience with Shirley Liu for the following reasons: 1: As an interviewer, she did not respect the time. She was late for 8-10 minutes, but she took it as granted and did apologize for her behavior. 2: While I answered the questions, she did not listen carefully. It seems she can not wait to leave. As a multinational company, It is really shameful for Xiaomi to have a leading manager like her. I should say that is the worst interview experience I have ever had. Maybe that was why Xiaomi met the challenges in the U.K. market as reported like the flash sale. Like many Chinese multinational companies, they said they go out of China to embrace the new market, however, they are too proud to put their previous success down, and to create a new strategy. Anyway, even though I succeeded in this interview, I would refuse to work for you, because through the interview I might have a glance at your working environment. The way the interviewer treats the potential interviewee reflects her way to treat her team. The cultural environment of the company will affect business success. Menos


One of the questions was about improvements to the website.


How recently have you worked with Walmart? Excel proficiency also.

FIJI Water

What can you contribute to the role?

Deckers Brands

What is the one thing I dislike about my current role?

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