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The Coca-Cola Company
A un District Sales Manager le preguntaron...4 de noviembre de 2014

Sometimes there is a situational role play at the end of the interview, how would you handle this situation, etc... Ask for the business, close the sale, be yourself

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Not sure

Ask for the business, be myself and do my best to close the sale.

STAR method, keep it simple, show your personality, ask for the business and close the sale Menos

MSC Industrial Direct

They asked alot of questions about commission and appointments what was typical etc

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I was comfortable being out in the field in a high pace environment

Consider yourself lucky that you didn't get the job

The Coca-Cola Company

Pricing Experience

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At the time I didn't have much pricing experience because at my former job our key account manager took care of pricing. Menos

We always had bids for customers

US Foods

What would you do in certain cituations

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Think of instance and give a complete conclusion

Fix it

Volt Information Sciences

What companies would you target first?

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The answer they wanted was to name some obscure company and not the major players in the area. Menos



They ask questions like you are at an elementary level - Why is that, why did you do that, why.

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I had a great interview and process was much faster and clearer than most companies. Interview was at their data center because they are moving into a much larger office due to company’s rapid growth. Menos

Questions appear more for training and education of the interviewers than getting to know you. Menos

Mission Foods

How do you feel about chaotic organizations. This should had been a warning, but I took the job anyways.

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I can adapt to any situation.

Chaos is part of it in management. There always gonna be situation just have prioritizes them and go after situation head on till it’s fixed Menos

Cengage Group

What are the key components of a successful salesperson?

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Be aggressive, outgoing and organized.

Someone that knows how to discover and uncover the customers needs and be able to sell a product to serve the customers needs Menos


Can you read people?... What do I think of you?

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I responded as of course being a sales person... oh uh well (in my head I am thinking what a f@#k up question to ask in this situation) I think that you know I am capable of doing this job. I think that you may think that I am a little too laid back for this position, but in reality I am quietly confident and very aggressive without the prospect possibly even realizing it. Menos

Answer is! I like this guy, or girl because your impression came in the first 10 seconds. I'm fairly confident in my life to know that first judgement was a great 1st impression. Menos

Hunter Douglas

Why do you want to work with us?

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I would love the opportunity to work with a team that is dedicated to creating a world-class product that surpasses customer expectations. Menos

I would like to Show others what I know about Communication

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