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A un District Manager le preguntaron...19 de noviembre de 2022

Tell me a little about yourself, a time where you made a mistake and what you learned, etc


How would you hide Covid as an advantage

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When Covid began, I would have used the downturn in business to gain access to accounts I have been unable to in the past. Starting with the biggest opportunities. Later during Covid I would have used the stability of working with a company like ADP to give the client a sense of security with the potential of uncertain times ahead of us. Menos


Name a time you disagreed with your boss

Ohio Medical

Vision of a sales reps responsibilities

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Eyes and ears of the organization.


Describe a time where you had to lead a team. What obstacles did you have to overcome?

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I talked about previous experience in sports.


What relevant experience do you have?


What makes you feel that you’re ready for sales?


Mostly situational questions related to how I would manage the team, handle challenges, team development, and my point of view on where I saw short and long term opportunities

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I listed out what I knew about the market as a whole, where I saw opportunities to grow and take business from Roche, and how I would lead the team with my management philosophies Menos


Most questions were focused on how would I gain meetings with prospects

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Preparation/Strategy, effort and persistence

Travelodge Hotels (UK)

Structured competency questioning as well previous experiences and relatable experiences to the business and role

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