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A un HR Controller le preguntaron...12 de agosto de 2020

En la entrevista me preguntaron mi formación profesional, ¿ qué hago actualmente? que tipo de tareas, desafíos que deseo aceptar, como me veo en algunos años más, tiempos, pretensiones de renta, fortalezas y debilidades.

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Hola, la entrevista fue en ingles o en el idioma local?

La entrevista fue en ingles?


Behavioural Interview Process + Job related

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Did the employee screening process involve a drug test? If so, what type?

Eg: Name a time when you were given negative feedback at work and how did you handle it.. Menos


What salary you expect?

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basic salary

PUSH for 4 or 5 weeks holiday if you make less than 80K a year. It takes 20 YEARS to get up to 5 weeks vacation otherwise. I negotiated 4 weeks, and they stipulated I had to work the 10 then the 20 years to get my 5 weeks. 30 years for an extra week of holidays? How Rude. 0 of 5 Stars, IBM Canada Menos

iProcess Online

What kind of experience do you have with payroll?

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I don't have much experience with payroll.

I have 4 year experience


Very generic interview questions. Tell me about a time...seemed scripted and cold.

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Just told my story

BCD Travel

They asked for a road-map for a previous project I had completed at a competitor.

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I had to be careful to share details without giving the entire project and internal roadblocks away. Interesting panel team! Menos


What is your current salary?

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Buffalo Wild Wings

Can you work in high volume tempo, 85% of your scheduled shifts.

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I'm a professional, I was taught how to get the job done. I will adapt

Buffalo Wild Wings

Why did I choose to start my employment there?

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It's a thriving business, growing rapidly. I want to be apart of that growth. I see potential for this company, and myself with this company Menos

Tecnológico de Monterrey

como desarrollarias a tu equipo si tu fueras el seleccionado, que importancia tiene el desarrollo de equipos y dame ejemplos que fueron exitosos y no exitosos

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one on one, desarrollo, plan de desarrollo acelerado

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