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A un Director of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition le preguntaron...25 de febrero de 2016

My vision for myself, as well as the company if I were selected.

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To strive to always evaluate myself, the job I'm doing and work to be better, give more, and GROW! Menos

Hager Group

What are the five things that are most important to you in life?

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I told the family, friends, health, sports and other self-realization in and with my job. Menos


What is your biggest challenge in your current position?

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Managing my budget.


What would your development plan be for our staff?

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Not currently working with the company, that is difficult to answer. My goal would be to continue training until everyone was trained on all available simulations so cross utilization could be maximized. Menos


What have you seen or heard about our company that encouraged you to apply for a position with us.

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I told them that I had a friend who worked for their company and loved their job. I also noted that they get high marks from other industry analysts as a good place to work. Menos


Interview questions were focused on the role I was interviewing for.

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Echo the above comment. Company is a train wreck. They stopped doing employee surveys because the feedback was so poor. Avoid at all costs. Menos


Describe a time.... describe a time... describe a time... built a program from scratch....handled a difficult relationship

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Gave 1 - 2 examples of specific situations for each question, what I did, and what the outcome was...always gave multiple examples. Menos


At this level the interview was more of a conversation that a question and answer interview.

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Discussed what challenges they had in their business and how I could see addressing them. Menos


Tell me about your experience.

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Why do you want to work at Deloitte?


They asked about my leadership style How I handle difficult employee situations How I'd help the company scale

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Servant leader Love difficult employee convos, can almost always help both sides resolve conflict through listening, empathizing, and talking. Menos

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