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A un Director of SEO le preguntaron...1 de mayo de 2017

Questions about SEO

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By showing examples of previous work


What was my background in Amazon industry and digital marketing

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I explained that I had over 10+ years of digital marketing and SEO is where I started. After that moved on to PPC and ecommerce industries. Explained I had background in Amazon as well as DTC experience. I also explained my background in lead generation for B2B side as well. Overall I think the company is doing some great things within Amazon Brands. With that being said the lack of clarity on the interview was a negative for me. After telling me I made it to the next rounds of interviews too then getting an email stating they have decided on a different candidate was very misleading. To the recruiters you need to be more upfront and honest so we can least know where we stand. The structure needs to be better is all. From looking at the recent interview reviews seems like you guys haven't made changes on that yet. Hopefully you guys these and make the adjustments possible or else in the long run you won't find many good qualified candidates who will apply for your jobs. Menos


Specifically, demonstrate your ability to drive increases in traffic. This is a metrics based, data organization. They want to understand how you will accomplish something and if you have done so before. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

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I brought in before and after documentation of my changes to a site that led to a 100%+ increase in traffic, verified by third party source. I would definitely recommend having work ready for review that you can show people. Remember to be calm and know that they will question everything. A socratic version of interviewing. Menos


Chez qui, avez-vous postulé ?

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Cela dépend de vous


Tell me about a time SEO saved your life

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I ranked a piece of content on page 1 for murderer and he spared my family.


What tools do you use?

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I answered with screaming frog, BrightEdge, Botify, SEMrush, search metrics.


No real qualification questions. More conversational and casual. She told me about the position and the benefits and asked why I’m interested.

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I said I liked the culture and the video platform is huge following a lock down pandemic world. I am both an SEO vet of 13 years for a multimillion dollar firm and a video content creator on the side so I understand the marketing and algorithms better than most. I also mentioned I oversaw not just SEO but Analytics and PPC ad marketing so I can communicate with those verticals very well. She asked my salary expectations and my “required” number was below what they were planning on offering. I said I worked more hours than I ever have in my career in the past year due to the success of the SEO program I designed. I’m truly not sure where I went wrong. Menos

Thomson Reuters

What do you do currently?

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Interviewer did not pay attention to the answer.


None (thinking about interview difficulty)

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None (what interview...)

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