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A un Sales Director le preguntaron...3 de octubre de 2022

They asked me why I was interested in leaving a strong startup with massive growth to join a younger startup in a completely different industry.


They were standard interview questions.


Quanto tempo de trabalho, quanto tempo de experiência na área da vaga, pretensão salarial e perguntas pessoais pertinentes.


Tell me about yourself and career.


Tell me about your experience.

Reformulary Group

Focused around my experience, achievements and existing business relationships.


Sales Methodologies and collaborative selling


What would be the product you would like to sell to a prospect and why?


Generally basic questions: Do you have SaaS experience? Have you sold for a company that is still figuring things out? Do you have banking experience? How do you feel about selling a service that is still evolving?

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I answered these questions with cause for concern.

Be Unique Group

I felt I didnt deserve to get the job cause I didnt live up to my own standards

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