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Pandora Jewelry
A un Director Visual Merchandising le preguntaron...2 de octubre de 2017

Warum wollen Sie wechseln ?

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Baker & Taylor

How have you in the past handled a situation where a direct report was not performing their duties as required.

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I explained that I had counseled an employee about their under performing and question why. When they explained that they were having difficulty with a function of the job due to lack of knowledge, I mentored that employee after hours for about a week and brought them up to a functionally exceptable level. They were exemplary from that point forward. Menos

Sony Electronics

Do you drive at night? Have you ever made a huge mistake in your current role? Do you really want this position!

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What is the most important goal you would like to achieve with this job?

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Answer by just telling them how it will grow your knowledge of how the retail industry works Menos


Tell me what you know about this position.

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Umm. Its vacant forever and you need a clue fella.


So umm tell me about your background.

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See my resume. Maybe be a little more prepared next time fella. I must say, it’s taken you months to fill this position. Cant be that hard, if you know what you are doing. Menos

Northern Tool + Equipment

why should we hire you

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I am awesome

Haddad Brands

What was interesting about your last job

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Malouf Companies

What was I looking for in my next venture?

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1) I wanted to work for a company where my experience could make a difference to the business and 2) I wanted to teach others along the way. (not enough mentoring in the furniture industry) Menos

Bolthouse Farms

Name your personal faults?

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this is a tough question as it can back you into a corner and end up giving a negative spin on yourself Menos

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