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Family Dollar Stores
A un Regional Loss Prevention Director le preguntaron...5 de octubre de 2015

They asked about my experience with inventory shortage and involvement with internal theft cases.

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Yes at the 1355 S Sheridan Store Back in 2007

I spoke about my historical results.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Tell me your knowledge of (insert location here)?

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Tyler, Tx

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

How would your current boss describe you?

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My current boss is happy to speak on my behalf as a positive as well.

Marriott International

Standard question for hospitality.

Omni Hotels

Why this position? What is your retention rate for the officers in your current department? What would your current boss have to say if I called him to ask about you? What are your strengths? How did you handle your last disagreement with your boss?


Give example of above and beyond customer service that you have provided in a former job.

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