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A un Project Manager-marketing le preguntaron...6 de diciembre de 2009

Describe what u wld do if someone did nt do what u asked?

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Talk w/ the indl; identify why desired action hasnt occurred; motivate, etc

Red Bull Media House

How many people are on your cross functional team ? what are the roles of each of those people. Forgive me while I write this down so that I have insight in to what the organization looks like at Sony.

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Sounds like you are just surveying people for information that can help you in your current role, however you don't have a position you are hiring for. Menos

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Wie sind sie im internationalen Umfeld zurecht gekommen?

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Ich war lange sehr erfolgreich an der Schnittstelle eines 2 Nationenunternehmen tätig und kenne mich damit aus zwischen unterschiedlichen Kulturen zu vermitteln Menos


They went down through the resume asking about each thing on it. Seemed skeptical of everything on it. It was weird.

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Just described each previous role. Answered their questions.


What do you require to do this role?

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I listed generic requirements for me to work. But without being told what the general projects will be, and getting a good concept of the workload that would be coming my way, I could not project the staff requirement for the position. Menos

Verdesian Life Sciences

What do you like the least about working for a company. HR

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I had decided to not take the process further so at that point I said co-workers . Menos

Cisco Systems

Nothing out of the ordinary

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not applicable

CDS Global

Would you be willing to travel?

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Replied yes, occasionally, but was then told it would entail up to 50% travel. Job description did not describe it that way. Bait & switch? Menos


who are your favourite designer?

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I like designers on portfolio websites.


If I were to call your previous manager - what would they say is your best quality and what would they say you could improve on?

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My best quality is working really well under pressure and handling multiple tasks at a time. I made fun of myself when answering the second part of the question and said something about working too quickly and sometimes missing details because of it. Menos

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