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Delivery Hero
A un Director of Consumer Insights le preguntaron...19 de octubre de 2017

Why do we have to hire you?

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My first hand relevant experiences and passions

J.D. Power

Tell me about your favorite project that you've completed.

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Don't recall.


They asked about my relevant experience for this job.

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I gave examples from my work.


Provide examples of leadership regarding how to manage a low performing employee and an example of collaboration.

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Outlined several examples in detail to be submitted in writing for evaluation.


How will you help TOMS move beyond their core demographic(s) and find new audiences to activate? What resources would you need to achieve this goal?


Describe a situation where you had to present 'hard truths' to an executive who may not have shared your views. How did you handle this scenario?


What does insights mean to you? How do you think about what makes good insights work? When have you used mixed methodologies? What is your role in your current structure?


Are you comfortable operating both independently and in teams? Can you balance quant and qual data, and then present your findings in different formats, depending on the audience?


Have you watched ESPN+?


What do you know about ESPN+?

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