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A un Digital Strategist At Experience Center le preguntaron...25 de mayo de 2016

What's your desired salary?

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I said a number and the recruiter said that's too high. She said she can't pass my information with the salary range so I lowered mine. Menos

What amount did you ask for ?


What do you see yourself x years from now?

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I think I'm improve my self to be my knowledge, about my skill in time of fast x year, and to my jobs right now. but I'm not totally permanent employed this smart communication company Inc.. of catbalogan city. western samar and now, I was in on call, trieger technician at side of tower maintenance, antenna installation and power toping. thank you. Menos

^ Ano daw?

Smooth Fusion

What past experience do you have that could help you here?

Social Media Beast

What social media platforms are you on and who do you follow for the latest social media news?

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I answered that I was on all social media platforms. I listed a few agencies I followed on Twitter for social media news, as well as Social Media Examiner etc. Menos

Social Media Beast

Why Social Media Beast?

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I discussed how I was looking for an agency that was growing quickly. I wanted a good team that cared about creating quality content and that was always looking for the next big thing in social media. Menos

Miller Public Relations

Do you mind women leadership?

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Of course not. I want supportive and great leadership and that’s what I’ve received. Menos

Rockfish Interactive

Why do you want to work at Rockfish?

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After looking at what Rockfish does, its vision and the way the empower people, I hope I can join. Seems like a perfect place to work, the camaraderie, flexibility and respect for others ideas and contributions seems to be genuine. Also the list of clients and products deployed is amazing. Changing the world with innovative yet flexible solutions and creating your own reputation in a market that is super competitive is a plus. Creating change and disrupting what needs to be disrupted sounds like a great challenge and something you want to be part of and not left behind! Menos

Kapi Residences

What does SEO have to do with social media?

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What would you do if an employee doesn't answer a email?

Freestore Foodbank

What experience do you have with copywriting?

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I simply referred back to my resume.

David-Kenneth Group

They will tech you out by giving you scenarios to elaborate upon related to your technological expertise. If you don't know say so. You'll do video interviews so dress appropriately. The tech guys will be tough.

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Know your stuff and be careful to have them clarify questions if too broad. Don't try to Google your answers, they'll know. Menos

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