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If I was reliable, familiar with 3D graphics production, and had animation experience.

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I am very punctual and reliable, have several years experience in Animation and professional experience with 3D graphics applications. Menos


Can you work in multiple roles?

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Yes, in various technical and creative role in 2D and 3D departments.


They asked if I liked very engineering-based/math-minded/organization work, and if I would be willing and able to perform those types of tasks on a daily basis. They specified that the position was not a creative one, but repetitive and very detail-oriented.

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I said that I did enjoy puzzle-based and organizational tasks, but was also interested in personal growth through my career to allow for working with other departments, which could only enrich and add value to my position if hired. Menos

How do you relate your experience with 2d art to video compositing and visual effects?

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It's just another medium. I am an artist first and foremost, and a big part of that is having an eye for what looks good. I'm quite adept at that. Whether I'm familiar with the tools or not, I can discern when something looks wrong and figure out how to make it look better. Having experience with 2d art has just given me time to train my eye more. Menos

American Marketing Association

How did you handle a customer that did not see eye to eye on your presentation of design?

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I explained how I presented the idea to the customer and also shared examples of the benefits in the direction I was going. However, the customer did not want to proceed with my design so it was completed how they wanted it to be done. Menos

Custom Ink

Describe a time when you went above and beyond in your workplace.

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I had a lot of experiences with this question from a previous seasonal retail position Menos


How would you deal with stress?

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Discribed how would I prioritize my tasks (But later on I found this quetions indicates this role bears a tons of stress) so be careful of joining the creative team! Menos

Age of Learning

Can you work overtime?

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I guess... really it should are working overtime cause we want this now and who cares what you think we will by you crappy food. Menos

Lemon SKY Studio

How do you know about the studio

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What is your previous experience like


How could I improve their workflow processes?

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But I didnt know their exact process.

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