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A un Digital Art Director | Graphic Designer le preguntaron...19 de julio de 2015

Do you know how to use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign?

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Yes I do. I know Photoshop better than o know InDesign but I am well versed in both. Menos


Walk through each project on portfolio

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Explained how the ideas came to about and what role I played in each project


Tell me about yourself

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Tell me more about this one project you worked on. What was it like?

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How do you solve a problem with a colleague?

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Good communication.


What is your biggest weakness?

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The classic: "Sometimes I let my passion for the work carry me away a little."


What are hobbies you do outside of work?


I was given an assignment about how I would "Grow the revenue of the Digital Sales department" which was difficult to answer not fully knowing how sales were generated in a day-to-day way.


About my history and design experience!


What do you know about Ogilvy? Have you worked in Social Media before? When are you available?

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