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Seagate Technology
A un Memory Device Characterization Engineer Intern le preguntaron...25 de noviembre de 2022

1. What did you do in your lab? 2. How do you tackle with equipment break down?

Sisu Global Health

What would you do if you had a delay to a critical project?


Do you have a partner? We ask in advance because sometimes we have problems with the permits and we don't want to lose time, arrive at the offer and then find out your spouse can move to Switzerland. Do you want to work more in R&D or in management? How would you solve this technical issue 1 (2,3,4)?


Typical easy questions about qualifications.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

Micron Technology

What do you know about CMOS and NAND flash memory?

Teva Pharmaceuticals

Describe how you manage conflict in the workplace.

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I deal with conflict by first listening to people's point of view or grievance and then work to come to a compromise to benefits everyone Menos


Not related to job profile

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Don’t waste your time here..You are lucky if you get screened properly

Intel Corporation

Subject related questions depending on job description

Micron Technology

P-n junction diode, MOSCAP, SOI transistors

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