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A un Assistant Vice President Business Development le preguntaron...13 de agosto de 2018

Write a cold email for the lead we find for them 😒

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I got the same task. Should I invest my time in identifying leads and give it to them in charity? Menos

They give you a case study which you have to evaluate. You need to spend at least 4hrs ( if you are taking the case study seriously) Menos

That's really smart way to generate leads though. I sent my assignment yesterday. I hope it's useful to them. Menos

Whitechapel Gallery

How to you feel about doing less interesting tasks?

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It's difficult to answer to this without sounding fake, specially if you strongly disagree that an intern serves to make tea and photocopies. Menos

An answer along the lines of the following is a good way to go .... " I understand there will always be aspects of a role that I will find less interesting. However, I am always mindful of their necessity and importance, and don't allow this to impact how I perform them. I take pride in my work and strive to do my best at everything. Plus, these tasks make those I am more interested in all the more enjoyable to do. Menos

Consulate General of Canada

why should we hire you?

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I have the skills required for the job, because I am motivated and looking for growth in my professional life. Menos

I value and growing.

Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippines

what will be our great contribution to the job?

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my great contribution for the job is my full time and dedication to finish the job. Menos

I am much more capable in giving significant contribution that will be surely beneficial for the company’s growth point of view Menos

Atlantic Street Center

If you were going to Hawaii, how would handle a Monday deadline?

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I didn't know how to answer this because I thought this was a crazy question.

It would be done before I leave. Assuming I am leaving before Monday. Never go on vacation with open work left on your desk. And an assignee for any new assignments that come in during my absence. Menos


What do you believe this job entails

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Busary reconciliation training need analysis

WSp ATR SETAs induction policies

Banco De Oro

What position did you apply? Are you open to other positions (I asked to elaborate this but said she can’t), What month did you graduate, Are you willing to work in Ortigas? When did you start applying? Why did you take a vacation? Tell me about your family., What is your expected salary?

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What happen after they gave you the application form and did they require you also to gather the requirements, and tumawag ba ulit sila or you just wait until 6months? Menos

After they gave me the application form, I was asked to go back to the testing room to fill it. It is never an assurance that you got the job after you received the form. No, both of the last two questions. I did a follow-up via email after a week and I received a regret letter. Never wait for six months. Keep applying since it’s not 100% guarantee that you’ll get the job. I guess I didn’t get the job because of the location preference. Menos

California Shakespeare Theater

What are your skills with creating databases?

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I did not really have the kind of in-depth experience with databases that they were looking for. Menos

What was your last annual target & how much you achieved it?

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My last target was 70 lacs per annum of which i achieved almost more than 80%. As you know 100% gets little hard as market conditions changed very drastically due to currency demonetization and many calculations changed on part of investors, then there came GST which changed most of the calculations. Menos

What are you passionate about and why?

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Helping people find an interest and developing projects that illicit their passion in participating in sustainable, responsible life. Menos

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