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A un Desktop Support Technician le preguntaron...17 de octubre de 2018

What is the DNS

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the DNS

domain name server


Tell me about your background experience.

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Hi,my experience is 9 years,support technician repair computers,hardware and software. Menos

Hi,my experience is 9 years,support technician repair computers,hardware and software. Menos

Reynolds and Reynolds

How many hoops can we get unemployed people to jump through before they realize this is a waste of time?

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All of them due to the false hope they dangle in front of you.

I have an interview on the 27th. I abhor "dog and pony" shows myself, being a former Navy veteran from an aircraft carrier, I have seen too many. However there is a purpose behind it. Companies have to find potential employees who have a solid ethics background and the skill set for the job. Tests like these are there to weed out those who don't have the "mental agility" to handle a think quick, technical position. I took my online exams late last night and they didn't seem that difficult. I saw this format for a school which I earned my first AS degree as part of their entrance exam. Their courses were 5 weeks long, start to finish. My training in the navy was AECF (Advanced Electronics/Computer Field), 2nd hardest below Nuclear and outside SPEC OPS. We covered basic atoms to PCs, Networking and Solid State Electronics, with everything else including transistors, registers, AC/DC theory in between in 8 weeks. Sink or swim. Then there was "A" school... Menos

Apex Systems

What have you done to keep up with technology since your last position?

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I have read manuals, watched YouTube videos and read technical discussion on the Internet. Menos

Stupid answer!

Faction Media

How to handle multiple people, each with a high-priority problem.

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Not sure if its correct but here are my steps: 1. See if anyone can help me out and take one of the problems. 2. Start with the easiest problem first. Quick fix can save time for others on line. Menos

Communication is the most important, making sure each knows that you haven't forgotten about them but that you are working on multiple issues. Menos


how do you find out the ip address of your pc

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Ipconfig /all

Go to your favorite search engine and type in, "," on the search bar and hit enter. Menos


Would you keep a secret for your boss if it broke the company's ethics policies?

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Take it to your grave

Helion Automotive Technologies

What is the difference between malware and viruses? and other technical questions.

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.XLS, CSV, etc

virus = STD, small pox, bubonic plague, leprosy malware - pfft! mal = bad in spanish, so malware is mexican software Menos


my background and specifics and how i deal with end user

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i answered and explained how to address situation. I also explained the necessity of making friends with your co workers and end users. This way you get the utmost respect. Menos

i met again now two weeks later with HR. Very pleasant interview just like first one. Was told im in the running. Just hope i get this. I really like the company, and i know im very strong on Mac. Menos

"Are you a hacker, have you committed a crime, do you have bad credit, how much linux do you know, are you willing to steel from other businesses to close them down, would you be willing to do unethical things for your employer against other competing businesses? "

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I didn't know what to say, other then I am an ethical person who will do what I can to make this position work, so long as I dont get arrested, and don't have to break the law, im fine with what ever I'm needed to do. Menos

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