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IRIS Business Services
A un Software Engineer - Java Developer le preguntaron...7 de diciembre de 2023

What is eureka sever name in developing environment


Rate maze problem , some standard tree problems


Basic concepts of iOS, latest technology, about GIT


Overall knowledge in automotive domain


Design a system to support videos


Tell me about yourself and your project.


1. For TR with EM a. Design database for twitter b. git merge vs git rebase c. what to do if in your sql database the primary key's integer limit is reached 2. For TR with DoE a. how to let someone access a website build on your laptop b. steps to host your website on a server c. Your pervious companies high level architecture

W Energy Software

What do you mean by DBMS? What are its different types? What do you mean by table and field in SQL?


Develop test cases for a code sample


Talk about projects that you worked on

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