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A un Senior C++ Developer le preguntaron...6 de abril de 2017

Very simply question of inserting latest 5000 records in container along with timestamp and retrieve them as needed and discard which are older then 5000.

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Isn’t it true that you should pass 3/3?

They gave me the same test on HackerRank which I did successfully (it passed all test cases). Yet my candidacy was rejected. I used a map container. I couldn't find any container suitable for the job. There may be a better solution which I am was not able to figure out. After reading this post, I am also feeling that they are biased :( Menos

I'm curious about the "racially charged" - that's pretty bad. Since you mentioned 20 years it could be more a case of age discrimination (rampant in IT unfortunately) than racial bias. Menos

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Bloomberg L.P.

Sequence of numbers in random order and 1 of them is missing how to find that out...

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If the sequence is guaranteed to contain only positive integers, it can be done like so: Read in the sequence, noting the MIN and MAX numbers. The sum IF it started from 1 would be MAX(MAX-1)/2. The sum of the 'missing' numbers (from 1 up to where the sequence actually starts) is (MIN-1)*MIN/2. The missing number is given by taking the difference between the two: X = [MAX*(MAX-1) - (MIN-1)*MIN]/2. Menos

Oops, in addition to what I put above there is a final step to get the actual answer. The missing number is equal to X minus the sum of the numbers given. Menos

N(N+1)/2 - sum of the input = missing number

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Bloomberg L.P.

5 adjacent parking spots. whats the probability 2 cars next to each other

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Assuming the situation is that 2 cars park in these spots, what is the probably that they park next to one another, then the answer is indeed 40%. There are 20 different possible scenarios (5 spots for the first car to park in, times 4 for the second car). If the first car parks on either end (2/5 chance), then there is a 1/4 chance that the second car will park next to the first. If the first car parks in the middle 3 spots (3/5 chance), there is a 2/4 chance that the second car will park next to the first. The combined probability for the cars parking next to each other is (2/5 * 1/4 + 3/5 * 2/4 = 8/20 = 40%). Menos


Bloomberg L.P.

I completely froze on following question which could be useful in a function that reverses order of words. How would you move a chunk of memory in C++/C?

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i guess it can be moved by using pointer? Below is an answer on the stackoverflow Menos

memmove function Interviewer was really trying to pull this one out of me, but I was just stumped. He was like: "you can copy it, or you can - what?" I had no clue, never heard of it. I think this one finally destroyed my chances. Menos

Bloomberg L.P.

well all questions are expected, string reverse without reversing words for example " this is sentence" => "sentence is this", write c++ code to do so

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use pointer solution to mark start, end of each word, do not use any additional memory Menos

1) first reverse the entire string in place, which results in the spaces and words being in the right place for the final result, but each word is backwards 2) scan thru the string again and reverse each word in place. Menos

Provident Financial

what is architecture code

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i explained well

Method CRM

how would design a messaging sytem

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describing basic messaging/queueing system. Really vague question was very open ended. Menos


Etude d"un code en C++. Paradigme object Questions classique sur le language. Questions sur les structures de données Questions d'algorithmie

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Toutes questions peut potentiellement être compliqué si le candidat n'est pas prêt. Menos


Typical questions such as my professional interest, career goals, what is the most interesting about this position, experience with remote work etc.

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Thank you for taking the time to fill in the information here in Glassfrog for other candidates. If you have any additional feedback comments please do let us know - we love feedback so we can improve. Have a great day. Menos


It was the question about how to check linked list for inner loops.

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To iterate list twice - second iteration should be two times faster. If linked list has loops you'd get both pointers pointing the same node before you reach the end of the list Menos

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