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A un PHP/Mysql Developer le preguntaron...23 de noviembre de 2018 interview-they check your verbal and written communication ability 2.written test consists of 10 questions with mix of javascript and php 3.technical test - here they ask you to install LAMP ,Wordpress, Virtualization and/or FTP

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15k p.m

How much salary offered..?

Passed every test but didn't because of their salary offer salary offered is not at all good for freshers Menos

ANR Software

question related php require(),include(),array functions.string functions,database mysql 3 simple question , opps question polymorphism, object access mode

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the interview was in Hindi I answered all correct except for array functions and access mode and constructor functionality Menos

DC Energy

They sent me a code screener

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It was easy, finished in a couple of hours


Write a PHP for-loop showing odd numbers from 0 - 100.

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Write JavaScript/jQuery that changes an image source on rollover and shows the original image source onm0useout. Menos


how can I say about interview difficulty ,yet only getting the schedule only.

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very poor management and not good in commitment. add other drop downs for a clear transparent review for a company in terms of interview Menos


WordPress related questions use of templates


Laravel eloquent related questions

Tata Consultancy Services

How do I kill a PHP session?

Yardi Systems

Q1. joins , type of join explain with example? 2.basic programming related questions 3.DSA questions 4.oops and real time examples 5.pattern questions

M1 Logix Technologies

wap to insert data in three table in a single query.

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