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Greenberg Dental and Orthodontics
A un Dental Assistant le preguntaron...14 de marzo de 2015

Are you able to travel?

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Yes I am .



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Live Oak Family Dentistry

My experience

3 respuestas

Explained my work experience in my field

5 year

Scaling polishing root planing curettage

Do you have Endodontic assisting experience?

2 respuestas

I reviewed the various job duties of my last position in an Endodontic office.


Dental Health Associates - Phillipsburg, NJ

How long have you been an assistant

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23 years

Have you worked for our company before

Community Dental Care

How much experience do you have?

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26 years


Smile Brands

what do i value in the work place.

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Communication and positive feedback

Western Dental Services

How would you handle a disrespectful patient who is adamant about not receiving the treatment recommended?

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I try to make them calm then, I wil convince them to do it.

I would stop and analyze the situation and then proceed by addressing their concerns Menos

Dr Barbara DeLucia Dentistry

If I can make temporaries

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Yes, we remember you as you were our only interview that month; but allow us to assist your understanding. 1)The dental chairs are upholstered. 2)You only saw one office. 3)You never saw any internal workings of the office; as you only attended an interview. The interview was after lunch, you reeked of alcohol and we didn’t request your employment. Nevertheless, we wish you the best. Menos


Louisiana Dental Center

Am I willing to travel?

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Yes I’m willing to travel

Heartland Dental

how long does it take to make a one unit temp crown

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Preparing,prep,and placing temp crown takes 30 mins to an hour.

It has taken me 15 min before

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